Sartorial Splendor is an unisex clothing brand that's a conjunction of street style that merges into editorial flare.

Sartorial Splendor was created to express the "grandeur of excellence" through personal style. Sartorial Splendor is a redefining fashion brand that challenges contemporary and classic style through innovative and soulful dynamic combinations.

The meaning of Sartorial Splendor is “Grandeur Appearance." All of our apparel is hand-crafted in America. All limited edition pieces are made per order with "quality" and "accuracy.". Our limited edition pieces are presented as collectible items. Once you have ordered a limited edition piece, you will receive a "Certificate of Limited Edition." It includes your full name, the date & year the custom piece were made, origin, how many were made in total per Series, & a signature by C.MARS. C.Mars created this custom experience for a more intimate interaction with her supporters.  She wants an experience where her supporters feel their money is well spent. It's where quality & exclusivity meets the "perfect fit." Welcome to "The Sartorial Experience" enjoy.


Sartorial Splendor Team