Sartorial Splendor is an inventive fashion brand established in 2012 by former athlete, Founder, and Creative Director C.Mars (Christy Marshall). Growing up in the urban communities within Savannah, Georgia, C.Mars was inspired by her edgy cultural lifestyle and wanted to express that by all means necessary through her lens and way of fashion.

Her edgy and distinctive sense of style brings something new, fresh, and innovated to the fashion market breaking barriers of the standard of high fashion street-wear style. 

Sartorial Splendor is the expression of individualism and a place where no rules exists.

Our mission is to enhance and put more energy into self expression. At Sartorial Splendor, our vision is to create a community allowing people to be themselves.

We thrive on perfecting comfortability and innovation in each of our designs. As we build our very own in-house manufacturer in the United Stated, we take pride in creating every design and pattern.